2010: NOEL (home is wherever you find yourself)

The envelope

Each one is personalized to show a bird's eye view of the recipient's neighborhood.

Card front

Our older daughter is missing from this picture.

(First the card opens from right to left.) She's away at college. To understand the joke you need to know that her initials are E.L.

Around the perimeter are the town names of everyone on our card list.

(Next the card unfolds from bottom to top.) The "NOEL NOEL" part flips to the back to make a tent card with the tree part on the front.

Our Christmas letter is on the inside of the folded up tree.

The back of the card (not shown) has our contact information and a link to our year-end slideshow.

Completely unfolded, the card is 8" square. Folded up it is 4" square and fits in an A2 envelope.

Getting the card stock to fold up with the bulky tree inside was tricky. I ended up slitting the whole back. It gives the tree room when the card is folded, yet lies flat when the card is open. Because the tree is adhered to either side of the slit, the sides don't flap around as you manipulate the card.

Christmas 2011

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